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The U.S. Is Helping Iran Fund Chaos in the Middle East

September 27, 2016  •  Foreign Policy

Would the White House knowingly transfer tens of billions of dollars to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah in Lebanon to finance the slaughter of Syrians or the next war against Israel? In theory, the Iran nuclear deal wasn't supposed to fuel Iran's imperialism and its ardent anti-Semitism. And yet President Barack Obama appears to have done exactly what he and Secretary of State John Kerry promised not to do: They are directly financing the Syrian horror show and terrorists on America's watch lists.

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Obama's Nuclear Deal With Iran Puts the World's Safety at Risk

April 3, 2015  •  Quartz

On April 2 officials announced they had agreed on "key parameters" for the long-anticipated nuclear deal between the United States, its allies, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Coincidentally, just as the Obama administration's Middle East policy is in complete meltdown, with Sunni and Iranian-backed Shiite extremists murdering their way through Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

Worried yet? The Obama administration isn't.

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Iran's Negotiating Triumph Over Obama and America
The U.S. is surrendering control of verification to the United Nations, where our influence is weak.

April 3, 2015  •  The Wall Street Journal

President Obama believes that the nuclear "framework" concluded Friday in Switzerland is a historic achievement. Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, says he believes the same. Those two positions are incompatible.

Mr. Zarif is also a loyal servant of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who believes that the West, in particular the U.S., and Iran are locked in a "collision of evil and evil ways on one side and the path of . . . religious obedience and devotion on the other," as he said in July 2014.

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The Fragility of the Global Financial Order

March 3, 2015  •  The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Treasury has, over the past decade, been at the forefront of waging economic warfare against rogue actors. President Barack Obama has used sanctions to combat Iran's nuclear program, punish Russian aggression against Ukraine, squeeze the Assad regime in Syria and prevent the flow of funds to terror groups such as the Islamic State and al Qaeda.

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Cheap Oil Won't Stop Iran

January 27, 2015  •  The National Interest

As President Obama made clear in his State of Union address on Tuesday, U.S. officials are reasonably confident that they have Iran just where they want it. They say the Iranian economy is reeling from a 60 percent drop in the price of oil, Tehran's most valuable asset, which accounts for about 50 percent of its government budget.

The White House and its allies, in an ongoing effort to prevent Congress from passing new Iran sanctions, are now using this drop in oil to their advantage. They argue that oil markets are inflicting serious economic pain on the Islamic Republic, and that this should be enough to convince Iran to reach a nuclear deal.

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