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Articles by Mark Dubowitz

Title Publication Date
The U.S. Is Helping Iran Fund Chaos in the Middle East Foreign Policy September 27, 2016
Obama's Nuclear Deal With Iran Puts the World's Safety at Risk Quartz April 3, 2015
Iran's Negotiating Triumph Over Obama and America The Wall Street Journal April 3, 2015
The Fragility of the Global Financial Order The Wall Street Journal March 3, 2015
Cheap Oil Won't Stop Iran The National Interest January 27, 2015
Congress: The Last Line of Defense in the Iran Talks National Interest December 12, 2014
Iran's Diplomatic Path to the Bomb The Wall Street Journal November 12, 2014
Iran Ignores A Lucrative Deal Over Its Nuclear Activities The Washington Post August 10, 2014
Warriors in Gray Suits The Journal of International Security Affairs August 4, 2014
Congress Can Defend Iran Sanctions Architecture, Provide Smart Relief After Final Deal FDD Press June 26, 2014
Iran: The Psychology of Sanctions The National Interest May 22, 2014
No Such Thing As a Good Iranian Bank? The National Interest May 12, 2014
Why Washington Needs to Open Its Eyes to Iran's Intentions The Telegraph April 12, 2014
Iranian Economy Continues its Modest and Fragile Recovery FDD Policy Brief April 10, 2014
Russia's Proposed Oil-for-Goods Deal with Iran FDD Policy Brief April 7, 2014
Why New Iran Sanctions Are So Important U.S. News & World Report February 6, 2014
The Gold Rush in Tehran Politico January 22, 2014
World Bank Data: Iran's Economy Recovering FDD Policy Brief January 20, 2014
Iran's Turkish Gold Rush Foreign Policy December 26, 2013
The Costs for Iran of Walking Away from Nuclear Negotiations FDD Policy Brief December 10, 2013
A Weak Agreement Likely to Get Worse The Wall Street Journal November 24, 2013
The Case for Stronger Sanctions on Iran The Wall Street Journal November 10, 2013
The Dollar Value of the Proposed Sanctions Relief at Geneva FDD Policy Brief November 9, 2013
Iran Wants the Bomb — and Sanctions Relief The Washington Post October 12, 2013
Iranian President's Independence Will Be Attacked From Within The Globe and Mail August 23, 2013
Iran's 'Moderate' New President Still Supports Assad The Atlantic August 5, 2013
Terror and Foreign Policy Miami Herald June 26, 2013
Why You Shouldn't Get Too Excited About Rouhani The Atlantic June 17, 2013
Iran Has a Presidential Selection, Not an Election The Atlantic June 14, 2013
Forget Diplomacy: With Iran, Pressure Works The Globe and Mail May 31, 2013
Iran's Car Industry - A Big Sanctions Buster Forbes May 13, 2013
Stopping an Undetectable Iranian Bomb The Wall Street Journal March 26, 2013
Is Iran Creating a Health Crisis to Evade Sanctions? Bloomberg February 19, 2013
Targeting Tehran's Euros The Wall Street Journal February 18, 2013
Sanctions On Iran: How Washington Can End The Game Of 'Catch Me If You Can' Forbes November 28, 2012
Is Iran Resorting To An Insurance Scam To Keep Oil Exports Going? Forbes November 15, 2012
Countdown to the Red Line in Iran The Wall Street Journal October 24, 2012
So You Want to Be a Sanctions-Buster Foreign Policy August 10, 2012
Battle Rial Foreign Policy June 28, 2012
An underwhelming approach to Iran's nuclear ambitions The Washington Post May 23, 2012
Tearing Down Iran's Electronic Curtain The Wall Street Journal April 13, 2012
To Stop Iran, the G.O.P. Should Back Obama The New York Times March 22, 2012
Closing Tehran's Sanctions Loopholes The Wall Street Journal March 7, 2012
Canceling the Mullahs' Credit Card Foreign Policy February 1, 2012
Economic Regime-Change Can Stop Iran Bomb Bloomberg January 17, 2012
Don't Give Up on Sanctions The New York Times November 18, 2011
Why Has Canada Not Yet Banned Iran's Terrorist Organization? The Huffington Post November 9, 2011
Iran's War on Religious Freedom The Huffington Post October 13, 2011
Iran Terror Plot: Will America Finally Respond? The Huffington Post October 11, 2011
My Dual Loyalties Problem The Huffington Post October 1, 2011
Why Isn't Ahmadinejad on a No-Fly List? The Huffington Post September 20, 2011
Economic Sanctions On Iran Haven't Been Enough Forbes September 7, 2011
Obama, American liberator? The Washington Post September 2, 2011
Energy is the Key in Syria The Hill Blog August 19, 2011
Congress should consider Syrian energy sanctions The Hill August 3, 2011
The Case for Targeting the Revolutionary Guards and Iran's Petroleum Sales Politico June 18, 2011
The Case for an Iranian-Oil-Free Zone The Wall Street Journal May 31, 2011
Iran's Victims The Los Angeles Times May 27, 2011
How the Obama Administration Can Get Serious About Iran Sanctions The Weekly Standard March 31, 2011
The Logic of Our Iran Sanctions The Weekly Standard January 3, 2011
Killing Iran's Energy Industry The Wall Street Journal January 2, 2011
Fatah Members, in Their Own Divided Words The Jerusalem Post December 14, 2010
Palestine's Web 2.0 The National Interest October 18, 2010
Put China to a Choice: Tehran or Texas Forbes October 17, 2010
Will Obama Follow Through on Iran Sanctions? The Weekly Standard October 4, 2010
Iran's European Helpers The Wall Street Journal Europe September 29, 2010
To Pressure Iran, Squeeze Russia and China The Wall Street Journal September 13, 2010
The Iran-Houston Connection Forbes September 2, 2010
Tightening the Sanctions Noose on Tehran The Wall Street Journal Europe July 19, 2010
Countering The Threat From Terrorist Media inFocus Quarterly July 14, 2010
Beyond Gasoline: Slamming the Door on the Iranian Regime's Access to Energy Expertise New Atlanticist July 6, 2010
Beyond Gasoline: Congress Targets Iran's Access to Critical Energy Know-How Forbes June 29, 2010
The Dangers Of Doing Business With Iran's Revolutionary Guards Forbes June 15, 2010
Disrupt Iran's Oil Trade, Aid the Green Movement Slate June 10, 2010
Plug the Sanctions Hole on Iran The Hill June 9, 2010
Inside Shell's Iran Game Forbes' The Energy Source June 3, 2010
Ignore Turkey and Brazil: Iran Sanctions Are A Go Forbes' The Energy Source May 19, 2010
Congress Must Fix Iran Energy Loophole Politico May 12, 2010
Another Way to Sanction Iran: Natural Gas Forbes' The Energy Source May 10, 2010
Silver Shrapnel: Congress Targets the Energy Lifeblood of the Iranian Regime The Hill April 23, 2010
The Real Terror War Is On The Internet Fox News March 16, 2010
The Case for Gasoline Sanctions on Iran The Wall Street Journal February 22, 2010
Hitting the Mullahs at Their Pumps The New York Post February 17, 2010
The Sanctions on Iran Are Working February 10, 2010
Out of Gas: Why Sanctions on Iran Are Still the Best Option Foreign Policy December 15, 2009
The code is mightier than the sword The National Post October 20, 2009
Wanted: A War on Terrorist Media The Journal of International Security Affairs Fall 2009
Australia's Terror TV The Wall Street Journal August 24, 2009
Smart Sanctions Can Work Against Iran The Wall Street Journal August 14, 2009
Hitting Tehran Where It Hurts The Wall Street Journal Europe July 14, 2009
Hit Iran where it hurts The National Post April 16, 2009
Jihad TV in Europe The Wall Street Journal Europe February 18, 2009
Free Speech: Only for Islamists? inFocus Fall 2008
Sounds of Silence The Wall Street Journal June 19, 2008
Terrorist TV in Eurabia inFocus Winter 2007
Hezbollah's German Helpers The Wall Street Journal April 17, 2007
A Deadly Stumbling Block Named the PKK Financial Times Germany February 25, 2007
Despite Efforts at Reconciliation, 'Never Again' Divides Germans, Jews The Philadelphia Bulletin February 13, 2007
The Hamas Network The Wall Street Journal October 18, 2006
Watching al-Manar National Review Online July 17, 2006
A Bipartisan Effort in the War on Terror The Wall Street Journal April 11, 2006
The Enduring Consequences of the First World War World Defense Review October 24, 2005
Advertising on Terror TV The Wall Street Journal October 4, 2005
Fenced In National Review Online September 9, 2004
Terrorism on Trial National Review Online February 26, 2004

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