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Title Publication Date
More Flaws in the Iran Framework The Washington Post June 11, 2015
With Eyes on Iran Talks, U.S. Halts Funding of Lebanese Moderates Opposing Hezbollah The Tower June 10, 2015
Countries Don't Report Iran Sanctions Violations, UN Report Says Bloomberg June 9, 2015
Pentagon: Iran Continuing Work on Nuclear Systems The Washington Free Beacon June 3, 2015
The Key to Obama's Iran Deal Might Not Actually Work Business Insider June 3, 2015
The Concessions to Iran Keep on Coming The Washington Post June 1, 2015
Is the Iran Deal Good for Us? The Power Line May 30, 2015
How to Win the Iran Argument The Washington Post May 29, 2015
Russian Comments Cast Doubt on Iran Nuclear Deal USA Today May 14, 2015
Congress Has Little Chance of Influencing Iran Nuclear Deal The Times of Israel May 13, 2015
Defending Human Rights Prisoners of Tehran The Jerusalem Post May 11, 2015
Barack Obama's True Nuclear Test: North Korea Politico May 6, 2015
What We Learned From the Corker-Menendez Tussle The Washington Post May 6, 2015
India Companies to Improve Iran Port Despite U.S. Pleas Bloomberg May 6, 2015
Obama's New Answers on Iran Fall Flat Bloomberg May 4, 2015
Iran's Oil Exports Rise in April After Framework Nuclear Accord Reuters April 29, 2015
Iran Is Being Courted by European Business and Big Oil Newsweek April 27, 2015
Iran Is Already Winning U.S. News & World Report April 21, 2015
Analysis: Framework Deal Opens Floodgates for Investment in Iran The Jerusalem Post April 17, 2015
James Baker Is Wrong: The Iran Deal Can't Be Fixed The Washington Post April 17, 2015
Iran-U.S. Differences Over Nuclear Deal Widen USA Today April 17, 2015
Iran Obama Sidesteps Iran Sanctions Timeline to Focus on Snapback Bloomberg April 17, 2015
President Obama May Not Need Congress to Defang Sanctions Against Iran PBS Newshour April 16, 2015
Putin Boosts Congress's Case for Role in Iran Deal Bloomberg April 14, 2015
Putin's Missile Could Make U.S. Attacks on Iran Nearly Impossible The Daily Beast April 13, 2015
If Iran Cheats, Resurrecting Sanctions Wouldn't Be Easy The Washington Examiner April 13, 2015
The Means of Coercing Iran The Washington Times April 12, 2015
Sen. Menendez to Pivot From Bribery Case to Iran Bill USA Today April 10, 2015
Iran Nuclear Deal Hits a Stumbling Block: the Supreme Leader Bloomberg April 9, 2015
Obama Wields Double Veto Power on Iran Bill Congressional Quarterly April 8, 2015
The Iranian Nuclear Deal, Explained The Weekly Standard April 7, 2015
Can This Man Sell the Iran Deal to Congress? Politico April 7, 2015
Sales Push Begins for Iran Deal U.S. News & World Report April 6, 2015
Obama and the 'Inevitable Critics' The Wall Street Journal April 6, 2015
Iran nuclear agreement faces tough road ahead USA Today April 5, 2015
Obama Ties Legacy to Iran Nuclear Deal CNN April 3, 2015
Hillary Clinton's Secret Iran Man Politico April 3, 2015
With Iran Deal in Hand, White House Makes Sales Pitch to Preserve It The New York Times April 3, 2015
Iran's Twitter Brushback Means Tough Path Ahead For Nuclear Deal Bloomberg Politics April 2, 2015
Iran Nuclear Talks: More Wrangling Ahead USA Today April 1, 2015
Iran talks could be pivotal to Obama's legacy McClatchy DC Bureau April 1, 2015
Schumer facing first big test in Iran nuclear deal NY Post March 31, 2015
Obama 'giving too much away' to Iran The Times March 31, 2015
In Iran talks, failure is an option Politico March 30, 2015
Obama faces enormous stakes as Iran talks go down to wire The Hill March 30, 2015
Obama surrendered leverage in Iran nuke talks by easing sanctions, critics say The Washington Times March 30, 2015
Iran can accept nuclear limits for 10 years says ally of Supreme Leader The Telegraph March 27, 2015
Yemen crisis threatens Obama Iran nuclear talks, further clouds Middle East policy The Washington Times March 26, 2015
The Iran Talks: Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow AJC Global Jewish Advocacy March 24, 2015
Terrorism Provision in Iran Bill Draws Fire CQ Roll Call March 24, 2015
More Iran Oil May Flow Within Months of Deal, Officials Say Bloomberg March 19, 2015
Iran Centrifuge Test Was Error, Not Cheating, U.S. Officials Say Bloomberg March 18, 2015
Crunch Time as Iran Nuclear Talks Resume The Washington Post March 14, 2015
Obama's Iran Scheme is Laid Bare The Washington Post March 13, 2015
In Iran Nuclear Talks, It's All in a Name The Washington Post March 12, 2015
U.S. "Has No Intention" Of Using United Nations To Cement Iran Deal BuzzFeed March 12, 2015
Obama's Unilateral Actions Could Doom Iran Deal The Washington Examiner March 11, 2015
GOP Warns Iran, and White House CNN March 10, 2015
Future President Could Revoke Barack Obama's Nuclear Deal with Iran, Republicans Warn The Telegraph March 9, 2015
Iran Nuclear Deadline Likely to Slip Politico March 9, 2015
The Obama Administration's Response to Netanyahu is Premised on One Very Shaky Assumption Business Insider March 5, 2015
John Kerry's Iran Diplomacy in Cross Hairs of Partisan Battle The Boston Globe March 3, 2015
Netanyahu Speech Raises Burden for Obama on Iran Nuclear Talks The New York Times March 3, 2015
Can Obama's Iran Deal Outlive His Presidency? Bloomberg View February 27, 2015
Gazprom Seeks U.S. Stamp of Approval as Sanctions Warnings Rise Bloomberg February 24, 2015
Hillary's Cowardice in Face of Looming Iran Debacle The Washington Post February 23, 2015
Leader of Anti-Proliferation Org Changes Tune on Preventing Iran Nukes The Washington Free Beacon February 23, 2015
Giving Iran Everything It Wants The Washington Post February 23, 2015
How Would We Ever Verify a Deal with Iran? The Washington Post February 20, 2015
As David Cohen Becomes CIA's No. 2, Jews Appear to Have Smoother Sailing at Security Agencies JTA February 18, 2015
Iran Is Ready to Take Over Iraq's Troops The Daily Beast February 11, 2015
Dead Argentine Prosecutor Drafted Arrest Warrant for President USA Today February 3, 2015
Expect Republicans to Add Teeth to Iran Sanctions Bill Bloomberg View January 28, 2015
David Cameron's Iran Lobbying Effort Fails to Sway Republicans The Telegraph January 22, 2015
Unanimity at Last: Obama is Delusional on Foreign Policy The Washington Post January 21, 2015
Sen. Mark Kirk Slams Obama Plan to Release $11.9B to Iran The Washington Free Beacon January 21, 2015
Senate Iran Sanctions Bill Delayed Over Lack of Democratic Support CQ Roll Call January 20, 2015
Obama Sets Fight Over Iran Sanctions The Wall Street Journal January 16, 2015
Obama Warns Congress Against New Sanctions on Iran Christian Science Monitor January 16, 2015
Obama's Leverage Wanes with Iran The Washington Examiner January 5, 2015
Stephen Hayes: Iran Cheated on the Interim Nuclear Deal Politifact December 31, 2014
Can Congress stop a rotten Iran deal? The Washington Post December 12, 2014
The Wonks Waging Financial War on Iran Ozy December 5, 2014
Iran Talks Likely to Figure in Any Hillary Clinton 2016 Bid The Wall Street Journal December 5, 2014
Rand Paul vs. Israel, Again The Washington Post December 3, 2014
For Former Embassy Hostages, a Special Interest in Iran Talks The New York Times November 26, 2014
Iran's Lower Profit From Sanctions Relief Won't Mollify Congress Bloomberg November 25, 2014
Here's The Depressing Reason Why Iran May Have Rejected A Generous Nuclear Deal Business Insider November 24, 2014
World Powers And Iran Fail To Agree on Nuclear Deal BuzzFeed November 24, 2014
How the Obama Administration Has Already Caved to Iran The Weekly Standard November 24, 2014
Iran, World Powers Extend Nuclear Talks as Major Gaps Remain Bloomberg November 24, 2014
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended for 7 Months Amid Impasse Ahead of Deadline The Washington Post November 24, 2014
U.S. and Allies Extend Iran Nuclear Talks by 7 Months The New York Times November 24, 2014
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended, So Congress Might Turn Up the Heat Christian Science Monitor November 24, 2014
Republicans Could Complicate Iran Extension ABC News November 24, 2014
Intentionally or Not, Hagel News Distracts From Other Administration News Roll Call November 24, 2014
Reaction to Extension on Iran Talks Falls Along Partisan Lines CQ Roll Call November 24, 2014
3 Ways the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Could End ABC News November 21, 2014
Hayden: U.S. Intelligence Likely Could Not Detect Iranian Bomb The Washington Free Beacon November 20, 2014
The Pros and Cons of a SWIFT Response The Economist November 20, 2014
5 Reasons Why Iran Wants a Nuclear Deal, and May Fail USA Today November 19, 2014
Obama's Fire Sale to Iran The Washington Post November 18, 2014
On Iran Nuclear Deal, Down to the Wire in Vienna The Times of Israel November 18, 2014
GOP Poised to Dash Obama's Iran Hopes The Hill November 16, 2014
Iran Seeks Quick Relief from U.N. Sanctions in Nuclear Talks The Los Angeles Times November 15, 2014
Caving to Iran The Weekly Standard November 14, 2014
Bipartisanship is Our Best Hope for Stopping a Bad Iran Deal The Washington Post November 13, 2014
12 People to Follow on Twitter for the Iran Talks The National Interest November 13, 2014
Iran Escapes Isolation; Obama Frantic for a Deal The Washington Post November 12, 2014
Iran Expert: Congress Can Defend Iran Sanctions From Obama Breitbart November 12, 2014
Preemptive Strike Politico November 11, 2014
Netanyahu Seeks More Iran Sanctions Over a Bad Deal Bloomberg November 11, 2014
Sanctions Expert: Iran Cheats "Incrementally" to "Eat Up Time" and Avoid Consequences The Tower November 11, 2014
If Iran Says 'Yes' The Wall Street Journal November 10, 2014
Some in Iran Worry Republican Victory Could Derail Talks Al-Monitor November 6, 2014
Obama's Biggest Foreign Goal Just Got Vastly Harder Business Insider November 5, 2014
Five Republicans Who Will Dominate on Foreign Policy in the Next Congress Foreign Policy November 5, 2014
New Republican Congress Could Counter Obama on Iran Agence France-Presse November 5, 2014
The Midterms Change the Iran Equation The Washington Post November 5, 2014
Putin's Response to EU Sanctions: See You in Court Bloomberg November 3, 2014
Kerry Sounds Sensible on Iran?! The Washington Post October 31, 2014
Treasury Efforts to Squeeze Islamic State Funding Will Be Difficult The Washington Free Beacon October 30, 2014
An Iran Deal in Which Both Sides Can Claim Victory The Times of Israel October 29, 2014
Analysts Worry Over "Cascade of US Concessions" as Iran Nuke Talks Near Deadline The Tower October 28, 2014
Has a Deal With Iran Stalled? The Washington Post October 27, 2014
Hints of An Iran Giveaway The Washington Post October 24, 2014
Obama Might Try To Circumvent Congress On An Iran Deal — And He's Already Getting An Earful Business Insider October 21, 2014
Chasing a Bad Deal With Iran The Washington Post October 19, 2014
Iran Executions Surge Amid U.S. Nuclear Talks The Washington Times October 14, 2014
US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations The Jerusalem Post October 4, 2014
US Talk of Thawing Iran Relations Highlights Rift with Israel The Times of Israel October 1, 2014
Iran Makes the Rules The Wall Street Journal September 28, 2014
Iran's Rouhani Calls for Renewed U.S. - Iranian Trust USA Today September 26, 2014
EU Plans for Iran Gas Imports If Sanctions Go Reuters September 24, 2014
Senators Urge Admin to Ban Russia From Global Financial System The Washington Free Beacon September 24, 2014
'Bizarro World' Indeed: Wall Street Journal Backs Obama on Syria, New York Times Doesn't Roll Call September 24, 2014
Iran - Still in the Axis of Evil Gatestone Institute September 23, 2014
Expert: "Fundamental Agreement" Between Rouhani and Iranian Hardliners on Nuclear Objectives The Tower September 23, 2014
Analysts Blast Proposed Deal on Iran Centrifuge "Plumbing" The Tower September 23, 2014
NGO Speakers Here Push for Iran Deal The Jewish Chronicle September 22, 2014
Eager Investors Wait for Door to Open in Iran The Washington Post September 19, 2014
Candid Discussions: Mark Dubowitz on Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Foreign Policy Association September 19, 2014
We Called It: Obama Trying to Cozy Up to Iran The Washington Post September 15, 2014
Obama Team Unveils New Russia Sanctions USA Today September 12, 2014
Obama May Have Just Dealt A Crushing Blow To Russia's Oil Exploration Business Insider September 12, 2014
Dick Cheney: How Obama and the isolationists got it wrong The Washington Post September 10, 2014
Swift Justice: One Way to Make Putin Howl Bloomberg Businessweek September 4, 2014
NATO Plans New Military Outposts to Stop Putin—Just Don't Call Them Bases The Daily Beast September 3, 2014
Choking Russia's Banks Would Be The Ultimate Sanction Business Week September 1, 2014
The UK Has A Plan To Cut Off Russian Businesses From The Rest Of The World Business Insider August 29, 2014
Iran Shenanigans, Obama Capitulation Coming? The Washington Post August 28, 2014
Iran Lures Investors Seeing Nuclear Deal Ending Sanctions Bloomberg August 17, 2014
Some Realism on Russia The Wall Street Journal August 17, 2014
Banks Woo Treasury Sanctions Pros to Navigate Complex U.S. Rules Bloomberg Businessweek August 13, 2014
Khamenei Says No Dice On A Nuclear Deal The Washington Post August 13, 2014
Russia And Iran Reportedly Signed A Huge Oil Deal — But No One Knows The Details Business Insider August 7, 2014
EU Energy Restrictions on Russia Are Mostly "Sanctions Theatre" Reuters August 4, 2014
Experts Explain Why The New Russia Sanctions Still Won't Work Business Insider August 1, 2014
Recent History Suggests Tougher Russia Sanctions Are Needed The Wall Street Journal July 30, 2014
U.S., Europe Hit Russia With New Sanctions USA Today July 29, 2014
Congress Grows Restless As Iran Talks Drag BuzzFeed July 29, 2014
Here's An Effective Way to Sanction Russia, and Why it Hasn't Happened So Far Quartz July 24, 2014
With Iran, Uranium Enrichment Remains Stumbling Block The Times of Israel July 24, 2014
Obama Seen Gaining on Putin as U.S. Prods EU on Sanctions Bloomberg July 21, 2014
U.S. to Give Iran Another $2.8 Billion, Concedes Enrichment The Washington Free Beacon July 21, 2014
Israel Resigned to Four Months in Global Diplomatic Effort with Iran The Jerusalem Post July 20, 2014
Obama Is Now Boxed In By The Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Business Insider July 20, 2014
Putin is Having Trouble Backing Out of the Corner in Which He's Trapped Himself Quartz July 19, 2014
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until Late November The Wall Street Journal July 18, 2014
West Considers Early Sanctions Moves in Troubled Iran Nuclear Talks Reuters July 17, 2014
John Kerry's Routine Wears Thin The Washington Post July 16, 2014
Tangible Progress Made in Iran Nuclear Talks, Kerry Says The Wall Street Journal July 15, 2014
Thank Obama For Iran's Growing Economy The Daily Beast July 14, 2014
New Khamenei Demands Make Tough Iranian Nuke Talks Even Tougher Foreign Policy July 8, 2014
Five Questions With Mark Dubowitz on Iran Nuclear Negotiations, Sanctions CQ Roll Call July 7, 2014
Morning Edition NPR July 2, 2014
Holding the line on Iran sanctions The Washington Post July 2, 2014
Iran's Oil Exports Drop In June, Stay Above Western Limits Reuters July 1, 2014
The Hawks' Playbook For Opposing An Obama Nuclear Deal With Iran Foreign Policy June 27, 2014
Stay Engaged In Iraq Pittsburgh Tribune Review June 21, 2014
US And Iran Signal Joint Effort In Iraq Crisis; US May Send Special Forces The New York Times June 17, 2014
Obama Courting Iran for Help in Iraq Risks Backlash Bloomberg News June 17, 2014
Lindsey Graham An Outlier On The Right On Iraq Crisis Buzzfeed Politics June 16, 2014
Obama Goes To Iran (!) For Help With Iraq The Washington Post June 16, 2014
U.S. Is Exploring Talks With Iran On Crisis In Iraq The New York Times June 16, 2014
Why Higher Iran Oil Exports Are Not Roiling Nuclear Deal Reuters June 13, 2014
Growing Iran Oil Exports Challenge U.S. Nuclear Sanctions Bloomberg News June 12, 2014
State Dept Confirms: Iran Now Shipping Oil to Syria The Washington Free Beacon June 12, 2014
Aiming Financial Weapons From Treasury War Room The New York Times June 3, 2014
Iran's Oil Exports Turn Higher In May Reuters May 29, 2014
State Dept. Pressed Over Iran Sanctions - Busting As Concerns Mount About Eroded Leverage The Tower May 28, 2014
Make Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Stick The Chicago Tribune May 25, 2014
Russian Companies Active In Syria At Risk of U.S. Sanctions Bloomberg May 23, 2014
U.S. owes Iran reparations for 'hostile policies,' says Rouhani The Washington Times May 22, 2014
US Targets Hezbollah's Wallet Now Lebanon May 20, 2014
Iran's April Oil Exports Fall Closer to West's Sanctions Cap Reuters May 15, 2014
Hillary Revising History of Her Iran Sanctions Role, Senator Claims ABC News May 15, 2014
Hezbollah Forced to Cut Budget Over Iran Aid Shortage, Faces New U.S. Sanctions JNS May 15, 2014
Hillary Clinton Celebrates the Iran Sanctions That Her State Department Tried to Stop The Daily Beast May 15, 2014
Iran Isn't Complying with the Interim Deal The Washington Post May 14, 2014
Energy Sanctions Aim to Hurt Russia More Than the West Financial Times May 14, 2014
Iran Nuclear Deal May Leave Program in Place, Say Analysts USA Today May 14, 2014
U.S. With EU Plays Down Industrywide Sanctions on Russia Bloomberg News May 13, 2014
Label Iran's Basij as Terror Organization, Group Urges Canada Toronto Sun May 13, 2014
Label Iran's Basij as Terror Organization, Group Urges Canada Toronto Sun May 13, 2014
West Looks to Broaden Sanctions on Russia Financial Times May 13, 2014
U.S. Announces Actions to Enforce Iran Sanctions The New York Times April 29, 2014
Sanctions Are Eased; Iran Sees Little Relief The New York Times April 14, 2014
After Success on Iran, U.S. Treasury's Sanctions Team Faces New Challenges Reuters April 14, 2014
Iran's Oil Exports Surge Above West's Sanctions Cap -IEA Reuters April 11, 2014
Crude Business Foreign Policy April 11, 2014
Russia's Ace in the Hole: a Super-Missile It Can Sell to Iran The Daily Beast April 8, 2014
Is Iran About to Violate the Interim Deal? The Washington Post April 8, 2014
Senators: Iran-Russia Trade Deal Opens Floodgates for Nuke Materials, Weapons The Washington Free Beacon April 8, 2014
Russia Oil Talks Post New Hurdle to Iran Nuke Pact The Associated Press April 8, 2014
Insiders: Iran, Russia Close to Oil-Swap Pact Worth Billions The National Journal April 4, 2014
Iran, Russia Working to Seal $20 Billion Oil-for-Goods Deal: Sources Reuters April 2, 2014
Iran: Red Lines, Gray Areas CQ Roll Call March 24, 2014
Why Putin Is Able To Screw With The US At Every Turn Business Insider March 21, 2014
Russia Threatened to Nix the Iran Talks. Does It Really Have That Power? The New Republic March 21, 2014
The US Crackdown on Russia's Oligarchs Begins in Earnest Quartz March 20, 2014
Obama Says U.S. Enacting Fresh Penalties on Russia for Annexing Crimea The Wall Street Journal March 20, 2014
Russia Facing More EU Sanctions European Voice March 20, 2014
Russia Hints at Using Iran Talks as Leverage The New York Times March 20, 2014
Iran to Forfeit $7M in Canadian Assets for 'Supporting Terrorism' CBC News March 20, 2014
Russia Moves Closer to Absorbing Crimea, Despite Sanctions The Wall Street Journal March 18, 2014
The Crimea Precedent Commentary March 18, 2014
Exposing the Iran Farce The Washington Post March 18, 2014
For the Best Way to Punish Putin, Listen to the Guy Who Devised the Sanctions on Iran Quartz March 17, 2014
Crude Reality Foreign Policy March 14, 2014
Mushroom Clouds on the Horizon: Iranian Nuclear Threats Dominate AIPAC The Blaze March 12, 2014
What the Iranian Arms Shipment Means The Washington Post March 5, 2014
GOP May Not Get New Iran Sanctions, But Push Won't Disappear CQ Roll Call February 28, 2014
Iran Advancing Its Nuclear Program Despite Pact with West USA Today February 28, 2014
Iran's Oil Fleet Looks to Come in From Cold as Exports Pick Up Reuters February 27, 2014
Obama No Longer Wants America to Depose Tyrants Newsweek February 26, 2014
Turkish Courts Return $4.5 Million to Accused 'Cash-For-Gold' Suspect International Business Times February 25, 2014
Pentagon Contractors Exploring Business with Iran The Washington Free Beacon February 25, 2014
Iran Talks Set Five-Month Plan for Race to Final Nuclear Accord Bloomberg February 20, 2014
Washington Critics Sound Alarm as Iran Talks Resume Times of Israel February 19, 2014
Turkish Companies See New Business Opportunities In Iran International Business Times February 18, 2014
Iran Bait-and-Switch The Washington Post February 18, 2014
Iran, World Powers Focus In on Final Deal Voice of America News February 16, 2014
Iran's Black Gold Foreign Policy February 13, 2014
Iran's Economy Improving Amid Nuclear Talks The Wall Street Journal February 12, 2014
I.M.F. Study Details Perils of Iranian Economy The New York Times February 12, 2014
Corker and Menendez Try to Implant Spine in Administration The Washington Post February 11, 2014
Mullahs Prosper as Sanctions Fatigue Hits Newsweek February 6, 2014
Lawmakers Look for the 'Golden Loophole' in Iran Strategy The Wall Street Journal February 5, 2014
US Officials: Iran Is Not Open for Business Yet The Associated Press February 4, 2014
US Sends Mixed Message on Doing Business With Iran ABC News February 4, 2014
U.S. Warns Over Limits of Iran Sanctions Easing The Wall Street Journal January 31, 2014
Fate of Iran Sanctions Bill Rests Largely With Reid CQ Roll Call January 28, 2014
Rouhani Does Davos The Washington Post January 23, 2014
Exclusive: Iran's Oil Sales Rise as Sanctions Pressure Eases - Sources Reuters January 22, 2014
US, EU Begin Sanctions Relief for Iran USA Today January 20, 2014
West, Iran Activate Landmark Nuclear Deal Reuters January 20, 2014
Senate GOP Says Democrats Support Iran Sanctions USA Today January 17, 2014
Lobbying Picks Up Over Bill to Toughen Antinuclear Sanctions Against Iran The New York Times January 14, 2014
White House Concerned About Russia's Oil for Goods Deal with Iran The Telegraph January 14, 2014
Iran Calls Nuclear Pact a Western 'Surrender' USA Today January 14, 2014
Sanctions Relief to Breathe New Life into Iran Economy AFP January 14, 2014
Iran Gets Sanctions Relief Jan. 20 as Nuclear Deal Begins Bloomberg January 13, 2014
Questions About the Iran Implementation Deal The Washington Post January 13, 2014
Is Congress About to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal Against Obama's Wishes? Christian Science Monitor January 13, 2014
U.S., Iran Advance Interim Nuclear Deal Amid Sanctions Debate CQ Roll Call January 13, 2014
Dubowitz: Iran Deal Riddled with Flaws, Loopholes The Washington Free Beacon January 13, 2014
Obama Fights a Push to Add Iran Sanctions The New York Times January 13, 2014
Iranian Nuclear Accord Advances The Wall Street Journal January 12, 2014
Doubts Rise on Obama's Nuclear Deal with Iran; Appeasement or Deterent? The Washington Times January 12, 2014
Inside the White House War on Dems The Daily Beast January 11, 2014
Putin's Oil Slick Foreign Policy January 10, 2014
Iran Sanctions Push Gains Supporters in Senate The Associated Press January 10, 2014
Time for Honesty from Obama on Iran Commentary January 10, 2014
Iran Claims Nuclear Talks Found Solutions Over All Disagreements The Telegraph January 10, 2014
Pressure Mounts on Reid as 58 Senators Back Iran Sanctions Foreign Policy January 9, 2014
Obama Iran Gambit is Unraveling The Washington Post January 9, 2014
Conservatives Push Congress On Iran The Daily Beast January 8, 2014
Pro-Iran Shadow Lobby Launches Bid to Kill Iran Sanctions The Washington Free Beacon January 7, 2014
Turkey's Corruption Scandal Exposes 'Gas-For-Gold' Scheme With Iran International Business Times December 27, 2013
Four Rotten Excuses to Oppose Iran Sanctions The Washington Post December 20, 2013
Senate Bill to Impose New Sanctions on Iran Spurs Veto Threat From White House The New York Times December 19, 2013
Obama Issues Rare Veto Threat on Iran Bill The Wall Street Journal December 19, 2013
Senators Introduce New Iran Sanctions USA Today December 19, 2013
Defying Obama, 26 Senators Push New Iran Sanctions The Associated Press December 19, 2013
Iran Sanctions Would Be Expanded Under U.S. Senate Bill Bloomberg December 19, 2013
US Hits Firms for Iran Violations but Urges Congress Against More Sanctions The Guardian December 12, 2013
Senate's Iran Sanctions Deal Falls Apart The Daily Beast December 12, 2013
White House Adds to Iran Sanctions Blacklist The Los Angeles Times December 12, 2013
Obama Administration Tries to Prevent New Sanctions on Iran During Talks The New York Times December 10, 2013
US Congress May Throw Wrench into Iran Nuclear Deal AFP December 9, 2013
No Action on Iran Sanctions Likely Until 2014 CQ Roll Call December 4, 2013
Delay in Launch of Nukes Deal Gives Iran an Edge, Some Say JTA December 3, 2013
Senate Poised to Pull Trigger on Iran Sanctions The American Spectator December 2, 2013
Canadian Diplomats Skeptical of Iran Deal The Jerusalem Post November 29, 2013
Iran's Dangerous Nuclear Program The Jerusalem Post November 27, 2013
Senators Writing New Sanctions in Case Iran Cheats The Associated Press November 26, 2013
Iran Sanctions Relief May Be Hard to Undo USA Today November 25, 2013
Iran Pact Faces Stiff Opposition The Wall Street Journal November 24, 2013
After Iran Nuclear Deal, Tough Challenges Ahead The Washington Post November 24, 2013
A Gamble in Iran Talks: Easing of the Sanctions The New York Times November 22, 2013
Proposed Nuke Deal Doesn't Do Enough to Freeze Iran's Program Foreign Policy November 21, 2013
Obama Seeks Time From Congress for Iran Diplomacy The Associated Press November 20, 2013
Sanctions Are Key Topic at Iran Talks Voice of America News November 19, 2013
Obama Defends Iran Dealmaking Amid Dispute Over How Much Relief Bloomberg November 18, 2013
Israel and White House Locked in an Info War Over Iran Foreign Policy November 15, 2013
Inside Obama's Iran Sanctions Strategy The Daily Beast November 14, 2013
Dubowitz: Negotiations Have Shown Iran They Can Have a Nuke and Sanctions Relief The Washington Free Beacon November 13, 2013
Dems Pummel Administration on Iran The Washington Post November 13, 2013
Senate Panel, White House at Odds on Iran USA Today November 13, 2013
Reports: Russia to Help Iran Build Second Nuclear Reactor The Washington Free Beacon November 13, 2013
French Exceptionalism? Why France Scuttled Iran Nuclear Agreement Christian Science Monitor November 11, 2013
Iran was Never Ready to Deal on Nukes CNN November 11, 2013
Just How Bad is the Geneva Nuclear Deal for Israel? Times of Israel November 10, 2013
How France Scuttled the Iran Deal at the Last Minute Foreign Policy November 10, 2013
Iran Nuclear Deal Hangs in the Balance in Geneva The Telegraph November 9, 2013
Exclusive: Obama's Secret Iran Détente The Daily Beast November 8, 2013
How the Senate Is Complicating Negotiations With Iran Defense One November 8, 2013
Obama has 'Head Handed to Him' in Secret Iran Sanction Deal Amid Nuclear Talks The Washington Times November 8, 2013
Kerry: 'Important Gaps' Must Be Overcome in Iran Nuclear Deal USA Today November 8, 2013
Will Barack Obama Let Iran Win in Geneva? Bloomberg November 8, 2013
The Fix is in For a Bad Deal with Iran The Washington Post November 8, 2013
White House Ambitions on Iran Deal Face Challenge From Hawks in Congress The Guardian November 8, 2013
Netanyahu Attack on Possible Iran Deal Risks Rift With U.S. (2) Bloomberg November 8, 2013
West and Iran Seen as Nearing a Nuclear Deal The New York Times November 7, 2013
Obama to Allow Iran to Keep Its Nuclear Weapons Program? The Washington Post November 7, 2013
Cash Offer Could Bring End to Iran Arms Threat The Times November 5, 2013
Iran Bank Chief Looks to Tame Prices with 'Independence' Bloomberg October 21, 2013
Senators Pledge to Defy White House on Iran Sanctions USA Today October 19, 2013
Nuclear Talks With Iran Factor Into Debate Over Sanctions Bill CQ Roll Call October 18, 2013
Don't Trust Obama With Iran's Cash Commentary October 18, 2013
Analysts Praise Possible U.S. Offer in Iran Standoff, Despite Concerns National Journal October 18, 2013
White House Weighs Easing Iran Sanctions' Bite With Slow Release of Assets The New York Times October 17, 2013
Iran Nuclear Talks: Will 'Bad Cop' Congress Approve a Deal? Christian Science Monitor October 17, 2013
America's Plan to Reward Iran, Without Lifting Sanctions Bloomberg October 16, 2013
Iranian Official Wants Year to Resolve Nuclear Issue USA Today October 15, 2013
Iran Sanctions: How Much are They Really Hurting? Christian Science Monitor October 15, 2013
'Iran Plays Brilliant Chess Game, West Will Fold' Ynet News October 14, 2013
From Sanctions to Checkmate The Washington Times October 13, 2013
Iran Central Banker Says He's Undoing Ahmadinejad Credit Policy Bloomberg October 12, 2013
On Iran Talks, Congress Could Play 'Bad Cop' The New York Times October 11, 2013
Bags of Cash Show Iran Currency Squeeze Behind Nuclear Thaw Bloomberg October 9, 2013
New Study of Iran's Nuclear Weapons Quest Urges Harsher Sanctions Investors Business Daily October 8, 2013
How Not to Negotiate With Iran The Wall Street Journal October 7, 2013
Iran Nuclear Talks: Congress is the Elephant at the Negotiating Table The Los Angeles Times October 5, 2013
Shutdown Hits Unit Overseeing Sanctions on Iran CNN October 3, 2013
New Sanctions Likely Despite Thaw in US-Iran Ties The Associated Press October 2, 2013
Government Shutdown Empties Offices Enforcing Sanctions on Iran The Daily Beast October 2, 2013
Iran Could Develop Nuclear Weapons Capability Despite Sanctions, Report Warns The Telegraph October 2, 2013
Experts: Iran on Verge of Collapse in Light of Economic Sanctions Ynet News October 1, 2013
Netanyahu as Patriarch of Iran Sanctions Is Wary of Shift Bloomberg October 1, 2013
Iran Staggers as Sanctions Hit Economy The New York Times September 30, 2013
Iran and Israel Both Sceptical Over US Deal The Telegraph September 30, 2013
Netanyahu Urges U.S. to Boost Iran Curbs The Wall Street Journal September 30, 2013
With a Smile, Iran President Makes History in a Week AFP September 28, 2013
Hassan Rouhani Says Iran Wants Global 'Nuclear Disarmament' The Telegraph September 26, 2013
Iran Nuke Talks: The Real Deal or Buying Time? USA Today September 26, 2013
The Nuclear Question Likely to Be Key Issue in Iran-U.S. Talks The Los Angeles Times September 25, 2013
Senators Ready New Iran Sanctions Bill CQ Roll Call September 25, 2013
Iranian President Brushes Away Obama's Olive Branch at U.N. The Washington Times September 25, 2013
Rouhani Offers Milder Rhetoric Though No Concessions at UN Bloomberg September 25, 2013
First Impressions on Rouhani's Speech The National Review September 24, 2013
President Hassan Rouhani Warns Opportunity for Talks is Brief The Telegraph September 20, 2013
Rohani Display of Moderation Draws Praise Amid Questions Bloomberg September 19, 2013
Iranian Offer of Deal on Nuclear Program Met by Doubts Bloomberg September 17, 2013
EU Court Orders Sanctions on Iran's Top Cargo Ship Line Scrapped Reuters September 16, 2013
Iran's Fury: Ready to Unleash Hezbollah, Kidnap Americans if U.S. Strikes Syria The Washington Times September 4, 2013
China Faces Challenge Dodging US Sanctions Over Iranian Oil Imports Radio Free Asia September 2, 2013
US: Iran Can't Access Much Oil Income The Associated Press August 30, 2013
International Sanctions Taking Deeper Toll But Not Yet Derailing Iran's Nuclear Program The Associated Press August 23, 2013
Sanctions Gap Allows China to Import Iranian Oil The Wall Street Journal August 21, 2013
U.S. May Reassess Iran-Latin American Ties Miami Herald August 7, 2013
Rohani's Nuclear Talks Offer Stops Short on Enrichment Bloomberg August 6, 2013
Full Throttle on Sanctions The Chicago Tribune August 3, 2013
Report: On Eve of Rohani Inauguration, Iran's Economic Crisis Worsens Ynet News August 3, 2013
Senate Urges Barack Obama to Step Up Iran Sanctions Despite Softer Rhetoric of Hassan Rouhani The Telegraph August 3, 2013
Preemptive Concessions Won't Halt Iran's Nuclear Quest U.S. News & World Report August 2, 2013
Iran's Economic Crisis Deepens as Rouhani Prepares to Take Office The Washington Post August 2, 2013
US House of Representatives Passes New Iran Sanctions Financial Times August 1, 2013
US House Passes Iran Sanctions Bill to Slash Oil Exports Reuters August 1, 2013
Days Before Rouhani to be Sworn In, US House Sends Message to Iran with Harsh New Sanctions The Jerusalem Post August 1, 2013
Desperate For Allies and Secret Assets, Iran Penetrates Africa The Tower August 1, 2013
House Votes for New Tough Sanctions Against Iran The Los Angeles Times July 31, 2013
House Weighs Iran Measure Amid Doubts on Timing The New York Times July 30, 2013
As Iran Installs New Leader, House Could Pass More Sanctions. Right Signal? Christian Science Monitor July 30, 2013
As House and Senate Sanctions Legislation Nears Floor, Senator Warns "Countries and Companies" Again The Tower July 29, 2013
Canada Pushed EU to Add Hezbollah to List of Banned Terrorist Organizations, Official Says National Post July 24, 2013
Congress Threatens New Iran Sanctions as Obama Gauges Flexibility of Incoming Leader Rouhani The Associated Press July 23, 2013
Is the Twitter Diplomacy of Iran's Next President a Clever Ruse? Quartz July 23, 2013
Israel Applauds EU Ban of Hezbollah's 'Military Wing' The Jerusalem Post July 23, 2013
EU Places Hezbollah Military Wing on Terror Blacklist The Jerusalem Post and Reuters July 22, 2013
European Union Adds Hezbollah's Military Wing to List of Banned Terrorist Organizations National Post July 22, 2013
John Baird Welcomes EU Decision to Outlaw Hezbollah National Post July 22, 2013
European Union Adds Hezbollah to Terror List The New York Times July 22, 2013
Next Iran Sanctions Law Likely to Slip to Autumn CQ Roll Call July 19, 2013
Iran Importing Missile-Grade Ore From Germany, France Reuters July 2, 2013
New Sanctions Imposed on Iran to Halt Gold Trading The New York Times July 1, 2013
From Monday, Gold Sales to Iran Under US Sanction AFP July 1, 2013
Sony Reports Tech Sales to Iran That May Violate Sanction Bloomberg June 27, 2013
Obama Administration 'May Be Forced' to Launch Military Strike Against Iran The Parliament June 17, 2013
Iranian Electioneering on U.S. Soil The Wall Street Journal June 14, 2013
Iran Snaps Up 600,000 Tonnes of Wheat, Pays Premium Reuters June 7, 2013
Treasury Ramps Up Iran Sanctions, Amid Skepticism The Wall Street Journal June 4, 2013
US Seen Renewing Sanction Waivers on Iran Oil Importers Bloomberg June 4, 2013
US Expected to Extend Waivers on Iran Sanctions to India, China Reuters June 4, 2013
The 37 Front Companies That the US Government Says Enrich Iran's Leaders and Circumvent Sanctions Quartz June 4, 2013
US Adds to Its List of Sanctions Against Iran The New York Times June 3, 2013
Obama Announces New Sanctions on Iran The Los Angeles Times June 3, 2013
US Targets Iranian Currency with Fresh Sanctions BBC News June 3, 2013
Obama Orders New Sanctions on Iran's Currency, Auto Sector, Upping Pressure Over Nuke Program The Associated Press June 3, 2013
US Targets Iran with Currency, Auto-Sector Sanctions Reuters June 3, 2013
US Sanctions Go After Iran's Currency, Auto Sector AFP June 3, 2013
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Stocks Election to Replace Ahmadinejad with Loyalists The Washington Times May 27, 2013
US House Panel Backs Stiff New Iran Sanctions AFP May 22, 2013
Senators Urge Obama to Press Iran by Increased Sanctions Bloomberg May 16, 2013
Chambers Prepare for Another Round of Iran Sanctions Roll Call May 13, 2013
Frustrated with Diplomacy, Some in Congress Seek Total Ban on Iran's Oil The Washington Post May 13, 2013
US Congress Moves to Close Iran Sanctions Loophole The Telegraph May 9, 2013
Senate Bill Would Halt Iran's Access to an Estimated $100 Billion in Cash The New York Times May 8, 2013
Senate Bill Aims to Toughen Iran Sanctions The Los Angeles Times May 8, 2013
US Senators Seek to Block Iran From Billion-Dollar Reserves Reuters May 8, 2013
Iran Faces Fresh Trade Heat as More Shipping Firms Exit Reuters May 7, 2013
Seyyed Shamseddin Hosseini Newsweek May 6, 2013
Trade Allies Throw Lifeline to Iran's Steel Sector Reuters May 3, 2013
US Congress in Move to Tighten Financial Noose on Iran The Telegraph April 21, 2013
Are Sanctions on Iran Working? New Europe April 21, 2013
US Expert Warns of Environmental Danger to Gulf Region From Iran"s Bushehr Nuclear Plant Kuwait News Agency April 16, 2013
US Blacklists an Iranian and Businesses Over Violation of Sanctions The New York Times April 11, 2013
US Senators Seeking Tougher Economic Sanctions on Iran Bloomberg April 9, 2013
Failure of Nuclear Talks with Iran Jumpstarts Push in Congress for Tougher Sanctions The Associated Press April 8, 2013
Iran Nuclear Stalemate Sends Powers to Ponder Consequences Bloomberg April 7, 2013
Diplomats See 'Wide Gulf' as Iran Talks End in a Muddle The Washington Post April 6, 2013
Japan, Australia to Sanction North Korean Bank as Part of US-Led Crackdown Reuters March 26, 2013
Senate Shows United Support for Blocking Iran Access to Euros Reuters March 25, 2013
Senate Authorizes Funding to Keep Iran From Laundering Euro JTA March 24, 2013
Obama and Netanyahu Closer on Iran, But Is It Too Late? USA Today March 20, 2013
Iran Work Shows Kirk Adjusting to Life Post-Stroke Daily Herald March 17, 2013
Why India Is Finally Complying With Sanctions on Iran The Atlantic March 15, 2013
US Imposes Sanctions on Covert Iran Oil-Shipping Network Reuters March 14, 2013
Putting Iran on Notice The Washington Free Beacon March 13, 2013
Closing the Iran Loopholes The Washington Free Beacon March 4, 2013
As Iran Nuclear Talks Drag, Congress Seeks Tougher Sanctions Against Regime CQ Roll Call February 28, 2013
Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Measure to Toughen Iranian Sanctions The New York Times February 27, 2013
House Committee Leaders Push Bill to Toughen Iran Penalties, Cut Off Tehran's Access to Euro The Associated Press February 27, 2013
US Congress in Urgent Call to ECB to Tighten Sanctions on Iran The Telegraph February 26, 2013
Risk of Military Strike Wanes as Iran Talks Resume Bloomberg February 21, 2013
ECB Defends Payments System in Iran Sanctions Debate Reuters February 21, 2013
ECB Says No Illegtimate Iran Payments Made Via Target2 Bloomberg February 21, 2013
ECB Faces US Pressure Over Iran Financial Times February 20, 2013
Filibuster Hagel The Wall Street Journal February 18, 2013
What About Iran? The Washington Post February 7, 2013
A 40-Second Guide To The Crisis In Turkey Business Insider January 27, 2013
Lawmakers to Gauge Leverage Possibly Gained From New Iran Sanctions CQ Roll Call January 27, 2013
Iran Could Begin Feeling a Further Squeeze on Its Oil Income Soon The Washington Post January 19, 2013
UN Nuclear Watchdog Eyes Iran Deal, Parchin Visit Reuters January 16, 2013
Experts Warn Iran Will Be Capable of Nuclear Weapons in 2014 The Hill January 14, 2013
Iran Could Reach Key Point for Nuclear Bomb by Mid-2014: US Experts Reuters January 14, 2013
US Warns Foreign Exchange Houses Are Helping Iran to Skirt Sanctions National Journal January 10, 2013
Obama Sticks to Circle of Friends for National Security Posts USA Today January 7, 2013
New Iran Sanctions Target Industry in Bid for Deal Curbing Nuclear Program The Washington Post January 6, 2013
In Iran's Factories and Shops, Tighter Sanctions Exact Toll The Wall Street Journal January 3, 2013
Inside the West's Economic War with Iran Reuters December 28, 2012
Leading from the Rehab Center The Weekly Standard December 17, 2012
Iran in Focus: Current Issues for Canadian Foreign Policy Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Canada December 13, 2012
US Renews Exemptions From Iran Sanctions The Wall Street Journal December 7, 2012
Senators Push for New Round of Sanctions on Iran in Shipping, Energy Sectors The Associated Press November 30, 2012
Senate Set to Consider Broader Economic Sanctions on Iran Reuters November 30, 2012
New US Sanctions Proposed for Iranian Energy, Shipping Bloomberg November 30, 2012
Congress Set to Consider New Iran Sanctions Package Foreign Policy November 29, 2012
Preventing Iran From Going Nuclear CQ Staff November 26, 2012
EU Ignores Most of Hezbollah Terror in Ban Decision The Jerusalem Post November 25, 2012
China's Iran Oil Imports Drop Further The Wall Street Journal November 21, 2012
Plan for Tighter Iran Embargo Likely to Trigger White House Opposition Roll Call November 13, 2012
Steel Sanctions Cut Deep into Iran's Economy Reuters November 11, 2012
US Senators Mull Tougher Iran Sanctions USA Today/AP November 9, 2012
Iran Cyber-Repression Brings US Sanctions on Officials Bloomberg November 8, 2012
Insight: In Syrian Sanctions, Some Gains but Much Uncertainty Reuters November 2, 2012
Nukes Beating Economics in Iran Pittsburgh Tribune Review October 28, 2012
Shell Seeks Iran Sanctions Workaround Via Cargill Grain Barter Reuters October 26, 2012
Obama Faces Tough Call on Iran Oil Sanctions Reuters October 22, 2012
Obama's Iran Non-Deal The Washington Post October 22, 2012
Tick-Tock Tehran The Wall Street Journal October 19, 2012
Report: Iran Sanctions Have Failed The Washington Free Beacon October 18, 2012
Diplomat: Western officials See Iran's Economy Imploding Quickly The Los Angeles Times October 16, 2012
EU Agrees Wider Iran Sanctions, Ashton Sees More Talks Reuters October 15, 2012
Analysis: Will New EU Sanctions on Iran Count? The Jerusalem Post October 14, 2012
Exclusive - India's HMEL Bought 2 Million Barrels of Iranian Oil: Sources Reuters October 13, 2012
Iran's Sea Trade Buckles Under Western Sanctions Reuters October 12, 2012
Obama Implements Additional Iran Sanctions The Jerusalem Post October 10, 2012
Limited Impact Seen If Iran's Natural Gas Exports Cut-US EIA Reuters October 9, 2012
New Sanctions to Further Challenge Iranian Oil Sales The Wall Street Journal October 9, 2012
Senator Works on Tighter US Sanctions for Iran Reuters October 8, 2012
EU Questions "Taboo" Against Broad Trade Embargo on Iran Reuters October 5, 2012
West Seizes On Iran's Currency Woes The Wall Street Journal October 4, 2012
Chavez Faces Strongest Challenge This Weekend The Washington Times October 4, 2012
Europe Weighs More Sanctions as Iran's Currency Plummets Bloomberg October 3, 2012
Iran Police, Demonstrators Clash in Tehran Protests The Los Angeles Times October 3, 2012
Riot Police Swarm Anti-Ahmadinejad Protesters in Fury Over Currency CNN October 3, 2012
US Says Iran Currency Woes Show Sanctions Taking Hold CNN October 1, 2012
Netanyahu Explains Iran to the US Voters The Washington Post September 28, 2012
Netanyahu Says Limits Must Be Set on Iran Uranium Enrichment Bloomberg September 27, 2012
EU Considers Sanctions Against Iranian Banks, Energy Sector Reuters September 26, 2012
Iran's Military Tied to Oil, US Says UPI September 25, 2012
US Said to Link Iran's Oil Company to Revolutionary Guard Bloomberg September 24, 2012
Iran Relies on Neighbors to Beat Sanctions The Washington Times September 16, 2012
EU Agrees to New, Wide-Ranging Iran Sanctions The Jerusalem Post and Reuters September 15, 2012
What's in a Name? Slate August 13, 2012
Some Say Iran Could Circumvent Sanctions in New Legislation Human Events August 9, 2012
Firm That Paid Obama Aide Linked To Iran Revolutionary Guard BuzzFeed August 6, 2012
Congress, White House Ramp Up Iranian Pressure CNN August 2, 2012
Obama Team Panics, Forks Over New Iran Sanctions The Washington Post August 1, 2012
House, Senate Negotiators Back New Iran Sanctions The Associated Press July 31, 2012
Obama's New Iran Sanctions Target Energy, China, Iraq Banks Bloomberg July 31, 2012
Deal Struck to Tighten Sanctions Against Iran The Associated Press July 31, 2012
Iran Sanctions Test The Wall Street Journal July 31, 2012
US Moves to Increase Sanctions on Iran The Los Angeles Times July 31, 2012
White House and Congress Are in Step Over Iran Sanctions The New York Times July 31, 2012
Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Iran Sanctions Foreign Policy July 30, 2012
House, Senate Negotiators Push to Wrap Up Iran Sanctions Bill, Face Some Criticism in Ranks The Associated Press July 30, 2012
Analysis: US 'War of Words' on Iran The Jerusalem Post July 29, 2012
Obama Administration: Who Needs More Sanctions on Iran? The Washington Post July 27, 2012
Lawmakers Pressure Congressional Negotiators for Tough Iran Sanctions Bill The Associated Press July 27, 2012
Congress and the President: Happy to Go Easier on Iran AEI July 26, 2012
Insuring Ahmadinejad The Washington Free Beacon July 25, 2012
Bicameral Consensus Sought on Iran Sanctions CQ Roll Call July 23, 2012
US Imposes New Rules to Tighten Vise on Iran The New York Times July 12, 2012
US Sanctions Iranian Tankers to Tighten Oil Noose Bloomberg July 12, 2012
Iran Tanker Flagging Threatens Tanzania-US Ties, Lawmaker Says Bloomberg July 3, 2012
Full Monty Of Iran Sanctions Biting But May Take Months To Force Change AOL Defense July 2, 2012
Is America Waging Economic War On Iran? U.S. News & World Report July 2, 2012
China, Singapore Exempted From US Iran Oil Sanctions Bloomberg June 29, 2012
US Officials Say China is Reducing Purchases of Iranian Oil The Los Angeles Times June 29, 2012
Iran Sanctions are About to Get Tougher The Los Angeles Times June 28, 2012
US Grants Iran Sanctions Exceptions to China Reuters June 28, 2012
US Clears China From Iran Oil Sanctions The Wall Street Journal June 28, 2012
US Faces Deadline to Sanction China Over Iran CNN June 28, 2012
Dollar Power The Economist June 23, 2012
Threats From Cyber to Terror Supplant Cold War's Dangers The Wall Street Journal June 22, 2012
Beijing's Oil Imports From Iran Rebound The Wall Street Journal June 21, 2012
Iran Faces Fresh US Sanctions Push Financial Times June 20, 2012
Iran Talks Fail, Of Course The Washington Post June 19, 2012
Oil Market Shrugs At Imminent Iran Tanker Insurance Ban Reuters June 18, 2012
US Exempts India, South Korea From Iran Oil Sanctions Bloomberg June 12, 2012
China's Imports of Iranian Crude 'Legal and Reasonable' -Foreign Ministry The Wall Street Journal June 12, 2012
China Is Excluded From Waivers for Oil Trade With Iran The New York Times June 11, 2012
US Exempts Seven Countries that Consume Iran Oil From Sanctions The Los Angeles Times June 11, 2012
More US Waivers to Iran Sanctions Likely Next Week Reuters June 7, 2012
US Treasury Sanctions Syrian International Islamic Bank Bloomberg May 30, 2012
The Weekly Wrap—May 25, 2012 Foreign Policy May 25, 2012
After More Iranian Stalling, What's Next? The Washington Post May 25, 2012
Obama's Iran Options: Talk, Threaten or Attack U.S. News & World Report May 25, 2012
As Talks Begin, Iranian And Western Negotiators Have Opposing Goals U.S. News & World Report May 23, 2012
As Sanctions Tighten, Iran Gets Squeezed CNN May 23, 2012
Iranian Charade: The UN's Scant Deal on Nuclear Research The Washington Post May 22, 2012
US Won't Ease Oil Sanctions at Iran Nuclear Talks Bloomberg May 21, 2012
Iran Sanctions: Now or Never The Washington Post May 17, 2012
US Senate to Consider New Iran Sanctions Reuters May 17, 2012
Syria Scours More Trade Routes in Search for Grain Reuters May 17, 2012
Iran Sanctions Bill Coming to Senate Floor Again Foreign Policy May 17, 2012
Tough Talk: Stricter Sanctions on Iran Urged U.S. News & World Report May 17, 2012
Indians Host Clinton While Also Wooing The New York Times May 8, 2012
Risk of Cyberattacks Clouds Natural Gas Boom Politico May 8, 2012
Could Iran Nuclear Talks Founder over Sanctions Relief? Al-Monitor May 1, 2012
Oil Report Seen Supporting Iran Sanctions Reuters April 27, 2012
US Sets New Sanctions Against Technology for Syria and Iran The New York Times April 23, 2012
Dubai Emerges as Pivotal Factor in West's Clash with Iran The Globe and Mail - Canada April 20, 2012
US Not Backing Off as Iran Sanctions Bite Reuters April 6, 2012
US Lawmakers Target Iran Energy Sector for Expanded Sanctions Bloomberg March 29, 2012
US Exempts Japan, 10 EU Nations From Iran Oil Sanctions Bloomberg March 21, 2012
US Exempts 11 States from Iran Sanctions; China, India Exposed Reuters March 20, 2012
Major Nations Could Face Economic Sanctions Over Iran Oil Buys The Los Angeles Times March 20, 2012
US Exempts Japan and 10 Other Countries From Sanctions Over Iran Oil The New York Times March 20, 2012
New Sanction Severely Limits Iran's Global Commerce NPR March 19, 2012
Iran Banks Face Cut-Off From SWIFT Network The Jerusalem Post March 16, 2012
Global Network Expels as Many as 30 of Iran's Banks in Move to Isolate Its Economy The New York Times March 16, 2012
Global Financial Group, SWIFT, Boots Iran Banks From Network The Envoy March 15, 2012
Sanctioned Iran Banks Being Cut Off From Global Network Bloomberg March 15, 2012
U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports Bloomberg March 15, 2012
Chinese Bank Pulls Out of Pakistan-Iran Pipeline Project The Los Angeles Times March 14, 2012
Conservatives Lead From the Front, but Will Obama Follow? The Washington Post March 9, 2012
Global Insurers Targeted in Latest U.S. Bid to Expand Sanctions on Iran Bloomberg March 8, 2012
What Would Mordechai Do? The Jewish Week March 6, 2012
Congress Prepares to Go After All Iranian Banks Foreign Policy March 6, 2012
America and the Middle East: An Explosive Mix Financial Times March 5, 2012
Obama Has 'Israel's Back' Preventing Iran Nuke Bloomberg March 4, 2012
How to Choke Iran Without Killing the World Economy The Atlantic March 1, 2012
Clinton to Congress: US Moving on Iran Penalties The Associated Press February 29, 2012
Iran Further Complicates Relations between Obama, Netanyahu USA Today February 29, 2012
Iran Suffers 'Crippling Effect' of Sanctions Bloomberg February 29, 2012
US Skips Chance to Hit Foreign Firms with New Iran Penalties Before High-Stakes Israel Meeting The Associated Press February 29, 2012
Global Fuel Shortage Would Grow Without Iran's Supply, U.S. Says Bloomberg February 29, 2012
Will Israel Act as the West's Protector? The Washington Post February 27, 2012
Swift May Expel Iran's Central Bank, Hindering Oil Payments Bloomberg February 24, 2012
International Bank Clearinghouse Ready to Evict Iranian Finance Institutions The Associated Press February 17, 2012
Obama Administration Takes Back Seat on Iran Sanctions The Los Angeles Times February 17, 2012
Iran Offers 'Readiness' for Nuclear Talks as It Faces Financial Isolation Bloomberg February 17, 2012
Conservatives Call for Obama to Intervene in Syria Foreign Policy February 17, 2012
EU Pays Price for Oil Sanctions on Iran: John Kemp Reuters February 17, 2012
Swift Says Ready to Implement Sanctions on Iran Institutions Bloomberg February 17, 2012
Sanctions May Be Changing Iran's Nuke Plans The Washington Times February 16, 2012
U.S. Slaps More Sanctions on Iran The Envoy February 16, 2012
US, Europe Look at Fast But Risky Penalty on Iran The Associated Press February 14, 2012
US Extends Sanctions to Iran's Central Bank The Jerusalem Post February 7, 2012
US Adds Freeze of Assets to Iran Sanctions Platts Oilgram News, Volume 90, Number 26 February 7, 2012
Iran-Sanctions Bid Targets Oil, Tanker Companies Bloomberg February 6, 2012
Obama Freezes Iranian Government, Bank Assets in U.S. Bloomberg February 6, 2012
Swift Sanctions on Iran The Washington Post January 31, 2012
Analysis: Oil Reports may Offer Obama an Out on Iran Reuters January 31, 2012
US Lawmakers Take Next Step on New Iran Sanctions Reuters January 30, 2012
Sanctions Against Iran may Destabilize, Topple Regime by 'Ratcheting Up Hassle Factor': Expert National Post January 28, 2012
Ahmadinejad's Call for Talks: Olive Branch or Delay Tactic? MacLeans - Canada January 27, 2012
Iran Tanker Firm Denies Link to Revolutionary Guard Reuters January 26, 2012
EU imposes Iran Oil Embargo The Los Angeles Times January 24, 2012
Arab League Mulls Unity Gov't Plan for Syria The Jerusalem Post and Reuters January 22, 2012
UK, EU Lobby To Protect Key Azeri Gas Project From Iran Sanctions Dow Jones Newswires January 22, 2012
Regime Change: How Fear of Iran Nukes, and Campaign Politics, Revived the Call Christian Science Monitor January 20, 2012
Saudi Arabia is Not 'Targeting' $100 Oil Reuters January 17, 2012
US Imposes Sanctions on Oil Firms Tading with Iran BBC News January 13, 2012
State Department Sanctions Three Companies Under Iran Sanctions Act Washington Jewish Week January 12, 2012
U.S. Slaps Sanctions on China State Energy Trader Over Iran Reuters January 12, 2012
China Gets Cheaper Iran Oil as U.S. Picks Up Tab for Hormuz Strait Patrols Bloomberg January 12, 2012
FDD on Latest Sanctions Move: 'A Shot Across the Bow to Beijing' Washington Jewish Week January 12, 2012
Can EU Oil Sanctions Create a Turning Point in Iran? The Jerusalem Post January 12, 2012
New Sanctions Target Iran Oil Sales The Wall Street Journal January 5, 2012
EU Officials Agree in Principle on Iran Oil Embargo The Los Angeles Times January 4, 2012
US Urges Iran Oil Importers To Cut Purchases 'Significantly' The Wall Street Journal January 4, 2012
Clock Ticking for West to Act on Iranian Nuclear Program The New York Times December 29, 2011
When Will We Know We've Run Out of Time on Iran? The Washington Post December 28, 2011
US Joins EU Push to Embargo Iran Oil Over Nuclear Effort Bloomberg December 21, 2011
Catch-22 for Sanctions on Iran UPI December 21, 2011
The Thirty-Year War The Weekly Standard December 12, 2011
Berman Resists Pressure to Weaken Iran Sanctions Measure Bloomberg December 8, 2011
Oil at $150 Becomes Biggest Options Bet on Iran: Energy Markets Bloomberg December 8, 2011
Inside the Conference Negotiations on Iran Sanctions Foreign Policy December 8, 2011
U.S. Senate Backs Sanctions Intended to Cripple Iran Oil Exports Bloomberg December 2, 2011
EU Wimps Out on Oil Sanctions to Halt Iran's Nuclear Drive: View Bloomberg December 1, 2011
Iran Clings to Oil Lifeline as U.S. Pushes for Tighter Financial Sanctions Bloomberg December 1, 2011
The Next Step in Sanctioning Iran The National Post November 23, 2011
U.S. Slaps Iran With More Sanctions The Los Angeles Times November 22, 2011
U.S. to Announce New Sanctions Against Iran Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times November 22, 2011
Iran Sanctions: Are We Serious? The Washington Post November 20, 2011
Administration Gets Some of the Leeway It Sought in New Iran Sanctions JTA November 18, 2011
Santorum's Foreign Policy Advantage The Washington Post November 17, 2011
Sharper Talk, if Not Action, on Iran The New York Times November 14, 2011
Iran October Gasoline Imports Up 21% Reuters November 10, 2011
Romney: I Wouldn't Let Iran Get Nuclear Weapons The Washington Post November 10, 2011
In Confronting Iran, Experts Say All Roads Go Through China The Jerusalem Post November 10, 2011
Sanctions Against Iran, No 'Silver Bullet': Analyst The Canadian Jewish News November 10, 2011
Is Obama Going to Let Iran Get the Bomb? The Washington Post November 7, 2011
Syria Crackdown Aided by U.S.-Europe Spy Gear Bloomberg November 3, 2011
Iranian Police Seizing Dissidents Get Aid Of Western Companies Bloomberg October 31, 2011
Iran Observers: Assassination Bid Underscores Nuclear Threat JTA October 18, 2011
U.S. Considers Sanctions on Iran's Central Bank The Los Angeles Times October 13, 2011
Obama Pressed to Get Tough on Iran for Terror Plot The Washington Times October 12, 2011
EU Sanctions on Syria Oil and Gas Industry Come with Loopholes Los Angeles Times September 15, 2011
Exclusive: China Curbs Iran Energy Work Reuters September 2, 2011
Kadafi Son Had a Hollywood Connection The Los Angeles Times September 1, 2011
New Iran Sanctions Could Bring Unintended Blowback The Atlantic Council August 15, 2011
Diplomatic Chorus Grows for Sanctions on Syrian Oil The Jerusalem Post August 15, 2011
Senators Demand Obama Step Up Iran Policy The Washington Post August 8, 2011
US Looks at Intensifying Sanctions Against Syria The Jerusalem Post August 4, 2011
Iran Sanctions Failing The Washington Post August 4, 2011
Do We Have An Iran Policy? The Washington Post July 19, 2011
Hamas Rules Out PM Job for Salam Fayyad The Washington Post June 13, 2011
Obama's Middle East Gambit Abandoned? The Washington Post May 19, 2011
US to Intensify Sanctions Against Iran Ground Report February 16, 2011
Russia Pushing Back on Tougher Sanctions Against Iran The Los Angeles Times September 24, 2010
White House Seeks to Soften Iran Sanctions The Washington Times April 29, 2010
Conflicting Signals on Iran Gasoline Shipments, Sanctions International Oil Daily March 10, 2010
Iran And Syria's Proxy War VOA: On the Line July 21, 2006
Obama Tightens Sanctions on Banks Helping Iran Sell Oil Reuters

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